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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saving Rusty! **warning graphic medical images posted**

Hello friends,

This post is about our friend Rusty.  Who as I write this, is recovering from major surgery.

This is Rusty's story.....

Rusty lives across the big pond very far, far away from our kingdom with his family.

His Bunny Mom Diana recently noticed Rusty's health was declining.  She promptly took Rusty to the vet who established a medical plan to treat his infected and irritated eyes.  However it soon became apparent that treatment was not working and his condition deteriorated rapidly.  He was diagnosed as having E.cuniculi of the eyes. He contracted the disease from his mother at birth.

Although Rusty is only a young boy, 10 months old,  he has already suffered tremendous pain and the Vet confirmed he was officially blind in both eyes due to this disease.

His only hope for a pain free and happy life was to undergo surgery to remove both of his eyes.  As Rusty is already blind removing his eyes wont impair him as he has learnt to live without sight. Not having the surgery, was not an option due to the serious and imminent risk of his eyes rupturing.

Other than Rusty's eyes being painful and blind, he was in good spirits with a healthy appetite and a good as could be expected overall condition.

Rusty had his operation on Monday and I am thrilled to say is recovering beautifully, soon able to return home with his family that love and care for him dearly.

The prognosis for Rusty is fantastic! Early detection and medical treatment has saved his life, he has a wonderful family indeed.

Rusty is a lucky bunny and we are honored to share his story and hope that by doing so it may help others understand the importance of good bunny care and being alert to any changes needing urgent medical assistance.  We think Diana is a wonderful Bunny Mom and thank her very much for sharing her story with us.

Here is a picture of Rusty after surgery :

Thank you all for stopping by and we hope to catch up again soon, 
On a very sad note however, Rusty's friend Junior who on the very night Rusty was due to have surgery, crossed over Rainbow Bridge.  Diana is mourning the loss of her baby and caring for Rusty as he recovers from surgery. Our thoughts are with you Diana and we dedicate this post to your Junior.    
RIP Junior : lived 9 happy, loved and cherished years with his family.
Binky free over Rainbow Bridge x x x 

******** WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW:  *****************

Please note the following images are grapic an some views may find disturbing.....

Rusty's eyes before surgery....


Lisa H said...

I hope for a speedy recovery for Rusty! And I'm so sorry for your loss of Junior - he looked like such a sweetie <3

speedyrabbit said...

Oh poor Baby,I feel for Rusty's mum having had to go through surgery for Speedy lucky for Speedy it is only one eye that had to be removed after being born with glaucoma in that eye it was always a possibility that the eye would have to be removed.But his right eye is healthy and he has recovered so all is good,but it is sad that Rusty's friend crossed the rainbow bridge at the same time,hugs to Rusty and his mum,xx Rachel

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Thankyou, we have passed on you kind words speedy. Rusty is recovering well x